Fiocchi 308D 308 165 BTSp 20rds



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fiocchi 308D Rifle Shooting 308 Winchester (7.62 NATO) BTSP 165 GR 20Box/10Case Fiocchi Rifle Shooting Dynamics Line offers reliably performing products for every shooting application from plinking, to target shooting to hunting. This line of ammo is loaded in the U.S.A. utilizing Fiocchi original pointed soft point bullets, along with top quality powders and selected components. Fiocchi’s goal is to make it possible for hunters and riflemen to enjoy volume shooting without emptying their wallets. Caliber .308 Win Condition New in Box Manufacturer Part Number 308D Model Rifle Shooting Dynamics Type Rifle Ammo UPC 762344710358

Fiocchi 308D 308 165 BTSp 20rds for sale online in USA


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